March 27, 2015

Graded Vintage Baseball Cards Buying Guides

Ed Cicotte 1915 Cracker Jack

1915 Cracker Jack Baseball Cards: 5 Underrated Gems

Fans associate Cracker Jacks with baseball thanks to a famous line in Take Me out to the Ballgame, but what very few of them may realize is that they produced one of the first baseball card sets.  Collectors of vintage cards are well aware of them, though, and today, they’re among the most valuable and popular issues ever made.  While only a few … [Read More...]

Mickey Mantle 1954 Bowman

Baseball Card Investment Advice

There is at times a correlation and at times a difference between sports card collecting and sports card investing. Sometimes those worlds collide and at other times they combine and merge perfectly. There have been plenty of books written about card investing and those tomes have covered cards both old and new. Here are some of the most popular … [Read More...]

Lou Gehrig 1934 Goudey

Best Baseball Cards to Buy

Whether you’re an active collector, one who is getting back into the hobby or someone who has never collected before, a list of some of the best baseball cards to buy can be helpful.  You may have some things you like, but the thoughts of an experienced collector might lead you to go after something you hadn’t thought of before. For collectors … [Read More...]

Display case graded cards

Display Cases for Graded Baseball Cards

Built a nice little collection or have some special cards you want to display?  There's no reason they have to sit in a box in a closet.  There are several great display cases for graded baseball cards in the market.  Some are very inexpensive and hold only a few cards while others provide a distinguished home for cards that deserve such a … [Read More...]


Baseball Card Grading is Here to Stay

Way back in the day when PSA graded the now famous T206 Honus Wagner card in near mint-mint (8) condition, although we have since discovered there were some alterations, no one was truly aware of the long-term impact of how third party graders, noticeably PSA, SGC and BGS/BVG would transform the card market. I remember working at Beckett when … [Read More...]

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