September 22, 2014

Graded Vintage Baseball Cards Buying Guides


Baseball Card Grading is Here to Stay

Way back in the day when PSA graded the now famous T206 Honus Wagner card in near mint-mint (8) condition, although we have since discovered there were some alterations, no one was truly aware of the long-term impact of how third party graders, noticeably PSA, SGC and BGS/BVG would transform the card market. I remember working at Beckett when … [Read More...]


Guide to Sports Card Grading

The concept of sports card grading has been around for decades.  Early collectors like Jefferson Burdick, Buck Barker and Lionel Carter gave grades to their baseball cards, even if they were a little different than some of the terms we use today.  “Professional” grading has only been around since the 1990s, however. It wasn’t until Professional … [Read More...]


How to Spot Cheap Baseball Cards and Make Money

Huge numbers of collectors browse eBay every day, looking for cheap baseball cards.  Here are some tips in how to get the most bang for your buck when building your collection or looking to turn a profit. Obviously, we’re big believers in graded baseball cards.  Grading tends to eliminate any question about whether a card may have been altered … [Read More...]


PSA Graded Cards: The Grading System and How it’s Done

PSA is really considered the grandfather of grading, although the concept of encapsulation is still a relatively new concept considering the long history of trading cards.  The famous T206 Honus Wagner card was graded “8” by PSA to launch the service.  PSA graded cards are common in the hobby because the company grades thousands each week covering … [Read More...]


SGC Graded Baseball Cards: Vintage Specialists

Sportscard Guaranty or SGC, bills its holder as “the finest in the sportscard hobby, thanks to its unique, custom-fit design”  SGC offers two holders - one for regular to small cards, and another for oversized cards. The SGC holder has a custom-fit insert specifically manufactured to the size of the card to help hold the card securely, protecting … [Read More...]

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