1952 Topps Baseball Cards Stand the Test of Time

1952 Topps baseball cards have reached almost iconic status among sports collectors. The set has a number of factors working in its favor. It marked the young company’s first attempt at creating an all-encompassing baseball card set featuring players of the day. Topps didn’t skimp, creating 407 cards over three series. The cards were of […]

Best Old Baseball Cards to Collect

They’ve always been sort of an American icon and even today, in the electronic era, they’ve maintained their iconic status.  If you’re rediscovering them or whether you’re looking to delve into the vintage side of things for the first time, here are some key suggestions when it comes to the best old baseball cards to […]

5th Edition of Standard Catalog of Vintage Baseball Cards

If you’re looking for a comprehensive resource, a good place to start is the newest edition of the Standard Catalog of Vintage Baseball Cards. While memorabilia and autographs are strong sellers at auction, it’s high-grade and rare old cards that are still the backbone of auctions, card shows and shops around North America. The 5th […]

Best Way to Store Vintage Baseball Cards

Just as realtors may tell you the most important factors are ‘location, location and location’, sports collectors will insist the biggest value factors are ‘condition, condition and condition”.  If you’re looking for the best way to store vintage baseball cards, we’ve got some ideas for you. Penny sleeves. These are the cheapest, most basic ways […]

Baseball Card Investment Advice

There is at times a correlation and at times a difference between sports card collecting and sports card investing. Sometimes those worlds collide and at other times they combine and merge perfectly. There have been plenty of books written about card investing and those tomes have covered cards both old and new. Here are some […]

Best Baseball Cards to Buy

Whether you’re an active collector, one who is getting back into the hobby or someone who has never collected before, a list of some of the best baseball cards to buy can be helpful.  You may have some things you like, but the thoughts of an experienced collector might lead you to go after something […]

Baseball Card Grading is Here to Stay

Way back in the day when PSA graded the now famous T206 Honus Wagner card in near mint-mint (8) condition, although we have since discovered there were some alterations, no one was truly aware of the long-term impact of how third party graders, noticeably PSA, SGC and BGS/BVG would transform the card market. I remember […]